The Two Towers – Changes, good and bad.

by Dec 28, 2002Reviews

The book is brilliant! The film is amazing! But why are there so many changes?

* Elves at Helm’s Deep — doesn’t this show that Elves and Men can live together once again, and create a new alliance? Whereas Tolkien stresses that the Elves go into the West and diminish!
* In the film, Haldir dies at Helm’s Deep. In the back of the Silmarillion it says that Haldir is slain by Orcs in Brethil, nowhere near Helm’s Deep!
* Wargs! I cannot stress how disappointed I was with the Wargs — Wargs are Evil Wolves with riders in the books, but in the film they look like bears crossed with hyenas! Surely it’s not that difficult to extend the muzzles a bit, is it? After-all, the shadows in Isengard have long, Wolf-like snouts!
* Eowyn was also at Helm’s Deep in the film. In the book she is left behind to effectively ‘rule’ Edoras when Theoden and Eomer ride to Helm’s Deep. She stands by the entrance of the Golden Hall and watches Aragorn leave the city!
* One change which I thought was for the better was Aragorn falling over the cliff into the river with the Warg! I thought this was a good change, because in the books Aragorn doesn’t seem human, he seems as if he never gets injured! This is more realistic!


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