The TWO Towers – A Review

by Jan 1, 2003Reviews

The first time I saw TTT I left the theater feeling as though I had just been pulled thru a knothole. I was completely knocked over by the film, it’s intensity overwhelmed me. I told my husband, who was in a daze himself, that I didn’t think I could see it again very soon. I needed to recover.

By New Years Eve, we had recovered and spent time talking about the film and decided we actually needed to see it again as the first experience was so intense we felt we had missed something. So after lunch we went again, this time to a theater with comfy reclining seats so our bodies would not suffer with our mind and spirit.

It was almost a different film on the second viewing. This time there was no shock effect to blur our viewing and quite honestly we both had tears in our eyes repeatedly thruout the film. Sometimes just puddles and other times streams. On the second viewing the humanity, the moral conflict, the loyalty and commitment supercede the darkness and the violence.

My recommendation would be not to see the film unless you are going to see it a second time. And a third. And….


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