The Two Towers – A review

by Dec 23, 2002Reviews

Below is my review of The Two Towers. It includes things I didn’t like about the movie, what I loved about it, and the things I found sad in it. Please remember that these are my thoughts of the movie and you do not have to agree with me.

Let me start by saying: This was a great movie! I thought Helm’s Deep was awesome. It was very realistic and Peter Jackson did a GREAT job on it. But there was something I hated about the movie.

When Faramir takes Frodo and Sam into Gondor. He would NEVER do that!!! That is really where Peter Jackson messed up. That was a dumb, un-needed part. I don’t know what he was thinking.

I also didn’t like how it ended because you’re only half way through Merry and Pippin and Aragorn’s part. But you’re almost done with Frodo and Sam’s part of TTT. Now Peter is probably going to cram the other half of TTT in with ROTK. And I’m afraid he’ll take out some good parts of ROTK.

Now, moving on to some things I liked about TTT:

The Dwarf toss line was pretty funny! And I liked how they added some humor into the movie. There were some pretty funny parts! I like how Pip makes Treebeard go South so that they can go to Isengard! *he, he* Also, the scenary in this movie was beautiful and breathtaking.

But mixed in with all this were some sad parts. Like when Elrond is telling Arwen about the passing of Aragorn.

But what I found the most sad was Smeogal. It was so sad watching him fight with himself, because then you see how compassionete he used to be and how the Ring has corrupted him so much. But in the end the evil in him and the want for the Ring wins and that was a part that makes you really feel for him. Before, I hadn’t pictured Gollum that pathetic so I never felt that bad for him. But now I do.

That concludes my review! If you have found anything wrong with it or want to make a comment, please do!!

I give The Two Towers 4 Stars!!! ****


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