The Two Towers: A Journey to Remember – The journey through car wreck, lines, and doom to see TTT.

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At 6:00 PM wednesday night, I rushed to the theatre, running late because of bringing a friend homework. My movie started at 6:30 and it took me 20 minutes to get to the theatre! My sister and I were riding people’s tails trying to get there on time, when I realized… I had no gas. So, stop at the gas station, pump the fastest five dollars of gas in my life (which only gave me about 80 miles $1.35 a gallon gag), and get back on the road. Only to find there was a big car wreck at 124 and 324. Great. But, we got through it, because someone was on my side, and let the roads clear.

We made it with time to spare, because this hellion of a theatre didn’t decide to start running the previews until 7:15!!! I ran from the parking lot, through the village and food court, and up 3 flights of steps to get there in time! It was like arriving at Mt.Doom and having an out of order sign tacked on the front. Then the monumental task of finding seats for my sister an I. A spot of two seats is the hardest thing in the world to find, since most American movie goers find it imperitave that they leave a seat inbetween themselves and the next group of people. So, I ended up sitting in the second row, and craning my neck to see the screen. Godawful seating.. There was a woman with a baby behind me and a 9 year old beside me. My sister wants food, so she went and got it (I wasn’t about to get up), and I waited as the previews ran.

Preview, after preview, after horrid preview I waited, my sister came back, climbing over her seat so as not to disturb the snobby couple making out on her other side. We waited, and finally the movie started. Five minutes into the movie, when Frodo is having his dream, this man in the back says, “Hey! What’s going on!?” I guess people don’t realize that if you haven’t read the books, or didn’t see the first movie, you don’t get the benfits of understanding what is happening.

But either way, the movie went on, Frodo and Sam met Gollum, Merry and Pippin escaped, only to meet Treebeard, and Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas met Eomer then followed into Fangorn to meet Gandalf. Although I do wish Gimli had said the part about putting a dint in his cap no wizardy could remove. As expected, cinematography and effects were amazing. CG Gollum was probably a better actor than Ellijah Wood. In the scene where Gollum has his bout of schizophrenia, people in my theatre cracked up so badly, I couldn’t hear what was being said… But the emotional changes in the CG even were so amazing that I was touched more by him than I was by the supposed feeling of pity I’m supposed to have for Frodo.

That’s another thing. I think it’s wonderful though, that Frodo’s helplessness is showing through in full force. He is the whiny, weak thing he is supposed to be! Samwise is the moral support for Frodo and it’s all fabulous.

One other thing and then I’m done. The Warg battle where aragorn goes over a cliff… did I miss a few pages when I was reading the Two Towers? I know, they used it as an interlude to build up romance between Aragorn and Arwen so you can clearly see the love triangle, but wow, that threw me for a curve! But so long as he didn’t die (and he didn’t) I’m okay. Although I do think I was close to crying when I thought they had broken the book that bad. But then, reason triumphed and I said to myself that that isn’t possible.

Battle scenes were awesome, and outside of Gimli’s witty lines and the even funnier banter between he and Legolas, it was everything I expected. I left the theatre saying (as I predicted), “Damn, that was good”.


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