The Return of the King – was it… a trailer for the EE?

by Dec 18, 2003Reviews

5 weeks living between fences (put out for us by the cinema-company!) and under tarpaulins. Was it worth it?

Yes. Being in group 1,5 (the number 2’s never understood they were really 3, until later…), we got premium seats. Yay.

Firstly: the gathering before was nice. We had our own PJ walking around – I swear, he was a dead-on lookalike! And I was the prettiest elf around… (no. I’m not joking here. some people actually had their eartips fastened the wrong way…)
Secondly: If I am ever allowed to bring a kalashnikov to a cinema, I will. Yes, laugh all you will at the “elephant-surf”. Even I did. But 17 applauses and 13 cheers, so loud the drenched the sound of the movie?!! I am TERRIBLY disappointed with the audience this time. Though I know some actually were there just to spoil.

And finally:
The opening could have been stronger. It didn’t sweep me away. And the ending was… well, it could’ve been better tied together. But all in all, it was somewhat better than tTT, and I loved it from the start.

The thing that hit me was, though, how very perfectly made it was for adding extra scenes. Everywhere I saw the little places where scenes most probably will be added – for example, how did those Huorns run THAT fast to Isengard? Oh, don’t worry, that scene is just at the very beginning.
The Faramir-Eowyn-thingie. How fast the healing went for some characters. Etcetera.

But somehow, it did not matter too much.

What was not so good? Well. The oliphaunt-surf. I HATED when Legolas did that thing in TTT, and I hated it almost as much now, mostly because it was the second time. And is it just me, or does rescue ALWAYS always without exception come at the veeery last second. Just because orcs have to say stupid, semi-scary last lines. Stupid race, that. And Mithlond… too short scene, too… empty a city.

But what was lovely was Minas Tirith. Although a little grey and not snowy white, the filmmakers had remembered it is a city. With little shops, people buying, making, breaking things. With workshops showing people doing their crafts. THAT was a hoot.

The elves, although a little boring as they have been throughout the movies, are as always the most beautiful beings I have seen. And this may be a bit too much and a bit off toipc for some, but I always cry when they show, wondering why they all left and didn’t take me with them.

A short little endnote, then.
Wouldn’t YOU get very blistered if you went into a volcano? *Grin* That little, forgive me my pun, cliffhanger at the very end was, by the way, rather scary. I was terribly frightened they would have changed the story that much…

All in all, wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, superb, fantastic. But I am not saying anything definitive until I have seen EE. This felt a little like… a trailer, because we all know something more will come.


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