The Return of the King: The Epic Movie Adventure of Our Time

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The Return of the King: The Epic Movie Adventure of Our Time

The three year journey has finally come to an end. In the final installment of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”, the dozens of characters we have known and loved so dearly go their separate ways. Their journeys during the epic battle of good and evil are beyond captivating. Will Frodo and Sam destroy the ring? Will Rohan and Gondor be able to face the host of Mordor that spreads through their lands? Will Arwen and Aragorn finally be together? These questions run through the heads of the many die hard movie fans that come to see Lord of the Rings not just for enjoyment, but as a way to escape their problems, worries, and fears that they experience in regular day to day life. Throughout this epic cinematic experience you will always be able to find that you forget who you are and what you do while you’re immersed in the movie event of the century. The movie teaches valuable lessons about heroism, friendship, and goodness. You’ll laugh at Merry and Pippin’s antics, you’ll cry when Sam lies heartbroken on the stairs leading to Cirith Ungol, you’ll shriek with joy when Eowyn re-defines the term “girl power” and with fear whenever Shelob the spider is on screen. This movie is without a doubt in my mind THE BEST film of all time. The amount of effort Peter Jackson put in this visual feat is mind boggling. I have seen the movie nine times already and it’s still not enough. While watching this movie you feel as if you are visiting old friends. Whether you are dazzled by Arwen’s grace and beauty, impressed by Aragorn’s bravery and nobility, or tickled by the sweet and blundering Pippin, you will feel as if these characters are real people who you truly care for. The best part of the whole movie is not the gargantuan battle scenes or the dazzling landscapes; it is the wonderful acting job that every single actor and actress adds to the flawless masterpiece that is “The Lord of the Rings”. This is cinema at its best.


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