The Return of the King – The End of an Epic and Unrivaled Fantasy

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Return of the King was the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen. Never ever has a movie made the audience cry and cheer and laugh at the same time. Never ever has a movie involved the audience into the movie to this extent. It was an epic, 3 hrs and 20 minutes long and not even for a second did my eyes waver from the screen.

Smeagol and Deagol; The Start

The start of such a cinematic spectacle — with a worm, two short guys fishing in a place of exquisite natural beauty. Peter jackson takes us deep into how gollum came into being, how the once innocent hobbit, a hobbit yes, just like Frodo was lured by the ring; how the lust of the ring lead Smeagol to kill Deagol for the ring and how the ring tortured him and made him into Gollum. Everytime we see Frodo now, see him struggling under the heavy burden, struggling to cope with the heavy burden, there is a fear that the same end awaits him too if the ring takes him. But hobbits are tough guys!

Beyond Imagination CG Creatures

The computer generated creatures; the spine tingling Nazgul, the mammoth Mumakil, the creepy Shelob, the deadly “dead” and thousands of orcs, trolls and horses. And gollum too of course. Thanks Weta! Great job! They all felt as if real, as if any moment they would come out of the screen and eat us! The Special Effects in Return of the King are unrivalled. The guys at Weta have really given their 100% and I must say that it couldn’t have been any better.

The Emotional Side; Extreme Emotions

One of the best things about ROTk was that the characters were very much enhanced. The acting was superb. Sean Astin was at his height and Pippin too, I must say was unbelievable especially in the scene when gandalf asks him what he told Sauron about the ring and Frodo. Frodo too is at the height of his power, as he superbly depicted the heavy burden and how the ring slowly ate him away. Ian McKellen was as usual brilliant and Vigoo too rose to the moment in a Kingly manner. Orlando Bloom of course had a scene of immense coolness to bamboozle the audience. The troll thing in FOTR and the fight with Saruman’s orcs. In TTT, that slide on the stairs in heml’s Deep, killing numerous orcs and also that unbelievable jump on the horse not to mention his foresight in FOTR and TTT, sensing danger before everyone else. And in ROTK, he brought down a one Mumakil all by himself! Great!

The Magnificent Music

Howard Shore’s music too was excellent. It went along extremely well with the high emotions of the movie. One of Howard Shore’s great jobs was that he created the “memory” thing; that he used music from FOTR and TTT to remind us of those things, like of Minis Tirith in ROTK and when Boromir was in Osgiliath in TTT. Whenever we hear that serence music, our thoughts automatically go to that very place. If one was to close his eyes in the cinemas and never open them!, it would be very much possible to say that this is Gondor, this Rohan and this Mordor! Wow Mr. Shore!

The last Word

Great movie. Must see. ROTK is unrivalled. Never before has such a great franchise been made. It is a cinematic spectacle. It is cinematic history in the making by Peter Jackson and his crew and the actors. And I salutte them all for all their hard work! They have won our hearts.


We all hope now that ROTk will be showered with oscars which it soooo much deserves and which both FOTR and TTT somwhow unbelievably missed, thanks to the “great” academy.


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