The Return of The King Review

by Dec 22, 2003Reviews

I thought The Return of the King was great!! It was helpful how you guys had Smeagol’s story at the beginning. It helps understand alot about the little guy. I just wanted to thank you for not letting Frodo die in it!! Because just like in Buffy the vampire slayer. It sucked after she died because it got stupid!! I’m glad Frodo got the ring destroyed! It kept me interested especially when Frodo turned around and said “it’s mine” although I was fustrated with the ring for doing that to poor Frodo it was good. Although out of all three movies there was one part that I didn’t like where Aragon choose that elf girl instead of Eowyn because I thought she was prettier but other than that it was excellent. I had a strange feeling when I left the movie theater because this is the last Lord of the Rings! I love Frodo (Elijah) soo much! He’s my favorite, so of course every little bad thing that happened to him in all the movies was devestating to me. I wish I could spend to Elijah Woods because I would tell him what great things God has done for him and how much God loves him! And how I don’t want him or anyone on the show to go to hell! Because hell is a real place and heaven is too! And none of this stuff on Earth wil matter. I hope that before the rapture and/or before Elijah (and the others) that they will make the greatest choice, of asking Jesus in their life so that they might live in peace forever!!!!!!! I love you guys!!


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