The Return of the King – Review

by Jan 26, 2004Reviews

The Return of the King is definatley the best drama of the year, and thankfully the majority of whoever votes for the Golden Globes agree (yay!!!!!!!!!!) It is VERY, VERY emotional & moving movie, and it is probably the best of the three. Viggo Mortensen really could not have done a better job, & the same for the rest of the cast.

We finally get to see the man behind Smeagol/Gollum in the opening sequence, although it was kinda creepy. The battle scenes are completely epic and totally awesome, and the special effects are really cool. Billy Boyd gives us a great taste of his amazing voice. Shelob produces the desired amount of FREAKY.

I loved Aragorns coronation & Arwens realization of what choice to make was really cool. Their reunion was really romantic.

The scene when Frodo wakes up in the Houses of Healing & they all come in to see him was sooo cool. When he first wakes up & its just Gandalf reminded me so much of the scene in Rivendell. When they ride back to the Shire wa so neat cuz they pass that mean guy & they smile at him. it is really funny. Bilbo was kinda creepy. The Grey Havens was said, but the ship was not at all what I expected. i envisioned the ship as a big ship, like the Black Pearl or something, not that little thing they had in the movie. However, that is the ONLY thing that i was disappointed about throughout the whole trilogy. Which means that Peter Jackson did his job incredably well.


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