the return of the king – my review

by Dec 31, 2003Reviews

Personally I like all of Tolkiens work but the best piece i think he ever did was the lord of the rings books.

The return of the king captures everyone in a trance not wanting to look away for a milli-second. Especially at the point in the film where Frodo and Gollum are fighting inside mount doom. Nobody imagend that Gollum would have surrvived the first fall he takes thats why every one was shoked when he started fighting frodo.

The battle for the pellenor fields was enchanting i think that the easterling warriors and there oliphonts were particulely amzing. But the best warriors in the film were the warriors of the dead they just swept through the fields killing as they went, truly magnificent,

The lord of the rings the return of the king is a masterpiece of a movie and i think it should be remembered as the greatest film of all time.


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