The One Movie to Rule Them All

by Dec 18, 2003Reviews

Listening to the soundrack and watching the trailer, I knew that this would be unlike anything else. Return of the King is truly the highlight of any Tolkien fan this year. Long have we awaited this glorious end, wondering how this epic tale of loyalty, friendship and courage would come to pass. And our wait had finally paid off. I could not sleep for the three days of the Gathering of the Fellowship, because everything was coming down to Wednesday, December the 17th. And so, sitting in the theater, gripping the armrests of the chair, I plunged into the final installement of the Lord of the Rings. I felt that I should have taken David Wenham’s (our lovable Faramir) advice to brign two boxes of tissues, bacause how I laccked them! I always felt that a great movie is one that lets all your emotions flow: happiness, sadness, suspense, fear, etc. This is one of the rare ones where I felt all the emotions one could possibly feel in a film. It is so touching, so sorrowful, yet so beautiful and contending. I was warcked with thoughts of how Peter Jackson would portray this final chapter of the Lord of the Rings, hoping that some of the best parts of the book will not be cut. And though I was dismayed that Saruman was not in Return of the King, Eowyn (Dernhelm) has made us forget Peter’s mistakes with her battle with the Witchking. Personnaly, I have also longed to see the Tower of Cirith Ungol scene, and was rewarded with my wait. This movie, this finale of the Lord of the Rings has made me weep more than I ever did in any other film. But like Gandalf says: “…Not all tears are evil.” I have wept out of joy at some of the more happier times of the story. The Return of the King is one movie that I will not forget for a long time, because it has touched my heart in so many ways with its saddened beauty, and the overall story of love and friendship and courage. Peter Jackson has truly done it justice in the time that he had, as was heard by the roaring applause at the end…..and more applause that has followed the credits.


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