The Midnight Rendition – Priceless

by Dec 20, 2002Reviews

…11:59 pm: sitting in the movie theatre waiting for the show to start.(advance tickets-7.50 ea), 12:15 am: pissed off at the previews and commercials. (medium popcorn, 3.95), 12:20 am: seeing the greatest movie of the year just before it becomes the greatest movie of the year: priceless.

It was completely blissful, I think that if at any time the movie stopped…I would be in the fetal position, bawling. But I think the other people there would be too, I saw it at the earliest possible time and the great part was… we all had the same thing in common… we all love Tolkien.. some more than others, but I felt the kinship. It was just absolutely amazing, astounding, awe-inspiring, and it was just…we’ll leave it at that, you fill in the blank. I just loved this movie. One of the things though that I had some questions about is the fact that they cut out half the book and for Return of the King to be anything half as worthy as the book, then it’s going to be one hell of a long movie. The scenes between Arwen and Aragorn were my favorite, as it always will be, but I didn’t care for the way that he left her after their “fight” in Rivendell and all of a sudden, picked up some hot chick. Yeah, that shows a lot for the future king…And the Christian undertones in this movie were like blatant, they were everywhere. The movie was actually funny too, Gimli’s a riot. But, all in all, it was just…again a loss for words. GO SEE THIS MOVIE…I don’t think I have to tell you twice… –365 days till Return of the King.

***Note: you must to see the Fellowship before you see this one…don’t be lost forever…


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