The Masterpiece that is The Two Towers: As seen by a Hobbit – By: Minto Tussle

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

Last night at approximatly 11:00 PM Central time I arrived at the theater with my best friends. I had purchased my ticket the day before and couldn’t stop thinking of what was going to happen. I was going to see The Two Towers at 12:01 AM on Wendsday the 18th! Upon arrival literally hundreds had already arrived and taken their seat. I climed to the top of the theater and very luckily found 6 consecutive seats open. At the start of the film I only could find 5 in the whole theater. That was just one of the four auditoriums in the whole theater that was shoing TTT. Two others that I knew of were completly sold out. I sat for the next hour answering questions about Middle-earth for my friends.

And then it happened. The lights went dark, everybody started cheering and clapping, and. . . the pre-show entertainment began. After some pretty interesting previews the theater became even darker and the New Line Cinema logo appeared on screen. You could hear a pin drop. From the first image your eyes are captured on the screen and for three hours they never leave. There was no re-telling of the story, there was nothing that reminded you of what happened in the first movie. It started with the Gandalf/Balrog scene from Moria and went on to show the fall of Gandalf and the Balrog deep into the heart of Caradhras.

Some of the things that I was worried about were how PJ was going to tell three very diffrent stories, and also how true to the book he would remain. Peter did a fantastic job about cutting to the story of Frodo, Sam, and Gollum and The Three Hunters, and Merry and Pippin. However if you are a Purist you may be a bit disapointed. There was abit more straying from the book then in The Fellowship of the Ring, but for the most part all of the main themes are there. One of the most troubiling attributes for me was the direction in which Peter took Faramir. In the books, I always felt that Faramir was a kind man who understood Frodo almost from the beginning. However in the film he is somewhat cold and almost a jerk. But besides that and a few less bothersom things the film was a complete smash.

Peter added a few scenes that werent in the book, but some of the stuff that he added were some of my most favorite scenes. There is a lovely flash back to Rivendell that shows the love and affection that Aragorn and Arwen share. I almost cried watching the love on screen. Gimli also has some more moments in this film than in FotR. Every now and again he is hard to understand, but keep your ears sharp, because almost everytime he speaks or is on screen it will make you bust a gut laughing. There is also a very nice scene between Arwen and Elrond that is absolutly phenominal.

One of the things that I wanted to see most in this film was Gollum. The way Peter brought him to life is outstanding. Peter does a fantastic job showing the battle that goes on in Gollum’s mind between Smeagol and Gollum. While at first it seems almost comical, it really is a huge turning point in the movie. It was by far one of my favorite scenes.

This movie will be loved by both Tolkien and non-Tolkien fans alike. There is something for everybody in the movie and has been my best movie going experiances since the FotR. This movie actually had me holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat. No kidding. I almost passed out acouple of times. This is by far the Best Movie of the year. See it at least 3 times. And always bring some one diffrent. Share the magic of Tolkien with everybody that you know. They will thank you for it.


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