The Best Movie Ever-Besides the other Two – A Poem about the Two Towers!

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

The Day has finally come
And I am shining like the sun
I have finally witnessed it
Did it disappoint me? Not a bit

In the theatre I sat stomach tight
For I was going to see the sight
I had waited for all year long
Just wait I will tell of this in a song

The theatre got dark and I let out a sigh
I saw the mountains and the snow filled sky
I heard Gandalf and Frodo’s voice in the mountain
That was the day Gandalf fell and Frodo went to Lorien

I saw Aragorn call to the Rohirrim and Eomer
Who said he’d kill Gimli if he stood from the ground higher
I watched Legolas quickly pull out his bow
And say Eomer would die before fell his stroke

I saw the creature and pitied him too
I watched him lead the hobbits through
The Paths and Marshes of the Dead
But listen there is more to be said

I saw Eowyn the Fair
With long golden hair
I saw the Evenstar and Aragorn
Isildur’s Heir son of Arathorn

Merry and Pippin found Treebeard the Ent
Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas were sent
With Gandalf the White to Theoden King
Where they saw Eowyn pale like the Spring

She beheld Aragorn and he saw her
But alas! His heart goes with the Evenstar
Who is being pushed to the Sea
Yet her heart stays with Aragorn eternally

Arwen came to Aragorn in a dream
And she woke in Rivendell so it seemed
I saw Elrond come to tell of her horrible future
And how she would be torn between Aragorn and the Sea lure

I saw Legolas tell Aragorn, “You’re late.”
When he returned from the dead in such a state
And how Gimli was about to kill this man so bright
And how Eowyn’s face lit up at Aragorn’s sight

I saw Faramir Lord of Ithilen
Who was Frodo’s enemy yet friend
I shared so many laughs at Gloin’s son
Who by Legolas at Helm’s Deep was overrun

I watched Aragorn as he slew and cried
And then my heart wept when Haldir died
I watched the tree like Ents
Storm Isengard and open the river vents

I watched Aragorn toss Gimli the Brave
“Don’t tell the elf,” Gimli spoke as helped to save
Helm’s Deep from the Uruks who tried to take the door
They swarmed up like ants covering the floor

I saw Legolas and Gimli count the heads
Of the orcs that they slew dead
I saw that Legolas was ahead
But Gimli slew more it is said

I watched the burden become heavier
On poor Frodo for it had taken him the Ring’s lure
But ever Sam remained loyal and brave
And how someday Frodo’s life he would save

I wept for Arwen when Elrond showed her
Death and how she would grieve of how her future
Would be the sadest tales of woe
How after Aragorn died to Lorien she would go

I shared many laughs at Smeagol
When he battled the two sides of his soul
I watched Arwen begin with the elves to leave
I cried and thought she must stay not go to the Sea

All our hope with two hobbits lie
When I see Aragorn and Arwen I cry
I laugh at Gollum and Gloin’s son
I wait eagerly as the Ents to Isengard run

Now where am I?
At home in bed I lie
Wishing sooner for next year to come
When I shall shine brighter than the sun

This is a great movie to see
Better than the last one maybe
I will try and wait for the third patiently
But I have seen the Two Towers 2nd in the Trilogy


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