Tears of JOY!!!! – The Journey has come to an End!!!

by Dec 19, 2003Reviews

I was such a wonderful and rush week of the release of the movie. I made a priority for my family to see it wednesday morning so prepared, having our tickets ordered ahead of time, and anxiously awaiting of the return of the king.

I meant so much to me to see it and the day it came out,
like all fans so ready to see it and then wishing after the
watching it wish it haven’t came out and waiting for it.

I knew ahead of time that I was going to cry because I
downloaded the theme song “into the west” sung by Annie
Lennox, I could imagine what the words were saying, and
loving the books so much i really hit home in my heart.

Watching the movie I was so deeply involved in the movie
feeling that it wasn’t a movie but real life, we being the
families left behind awaiting or watching everything happen
infront of our eyes and no power to do anything.

I could imagine Gandalf, being a emissary from Valinor, he
being so powerless to use his real power but not using it and seeing and finding that with people taking his counsel into
heart, he didn’t have to do it for them, that there is still
strength in men.

Everything was an success in this movie and guaranttee
that they will make movie history and no awards will deny this great deserving opportunity.

Pete is the Man, and even Howard Shore is too. My tears
could not refuse to be shown. The movie touch every
aspect of emotions, effects, life, struggle, victory, amateur
skill, powerless, evil, good, the story could have go on
more and but it would lose the whole meaning for the dire ction of Frodo and Sam in destroying the ring.

My love you all, in the beautiful lands if Aotearoa, NZ, you
really changed my life seriously. No words in this life time can express the thanks and appreciation to Mumakil advance in the battle at Pelennor Fields Pete and all and especially JRR Tolkien and his desires.

Forever remembered,

Uilani Alakivailahi Falevai
dearest fan, and friend in HAWAII


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