Some Consistency from Peter Jackson, Please? – A collection of some of the problems I had with Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers

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Can we have just a little consistency from PJ and Co. in The Two Towers? Is this too much to ask from a director and his cohorts who undertook to film a trio of movies-all back to back?

Ok lets see, where to start? I have selected three points, I could name a lot more, but I will stick with these ones:

1) The magical cloak thing with Sam and Frodo at the Gates of Morrannon. This was not needed and has NO precedence from the theatrical release of The Fellowship of the Ring, and Peter Jackson inserts one little line from the Extended Edition, where Celeborn says something like “may these cloaks help shield you from unfriendly eyes”. Nowhere else in FotR does PJ allude to the “magical” abilities of the cloaks, not even at the end of the Fellowship when Frodo and Merry and Pippen are hiding from the attacking Uruks. The topper is Peter Jackson cannot even maintain consistency in The Two Towers, for he doesn’t use the cloaks in the scene with the Riders of Rohan and the Three Hunters (which I would have like to have seen). Instead he has the Three Hunters “hide” behind some rocks. I guess the cloaks only work for hobbits.

2) In TTT, after capture by Faramir, Frodo discloses to Faramir that he left Rivendell with a company of nine, and that one of those was Boromir. Faramir reveals to Frodo that Boromir is dead, and Frodo is (rightly so) saddened and surprised by this news. All good, I have NO problem up to this point, BUT:

In the final scene of Osgiliath, Sam yells at Faramir to “let them go, because it was the fact that Boromir tried to take the Ring from Frodo that Boromir died.” How in the living bloody hell does Sam “know” this? Was Sam there when Boromir tried to take the Ring from Frodo? More importantly, was Sam there at Boromir’s death speech with Aragorn? No and no. Sam and Frodo had NO IDEA that Boromir had even died when they were initially captured, but by Osgiliath Sam knows why Boromir died???? BAD writing here. Cheesy to say the least, and contrived to boot.

3) PJ is inconsistent with his version of the Ents at several points:
When Merry and Pippin are first “captured” by Treebeard, (a self professed treeherd and caretaker) who is not sure what they are. Treebeard doesn’t take Merry & Pippins’s word that they are NOT orcs, but Hobbits, and he tells them that he will take them to “The White Wizard” to decide this matter. Ok, I guess I can swallow this up to this point…

Later, (after the enigmatic “reunion” scene with Gandalf), the Ents decide to have a Peter Jackson entmoot. The end result of this? Treebeard tells the Hobbits that the ents have decided that the Hobbits aren’t orcs. Wait a minute, I thought that Treebeard took the Hobbits to Gandalf to decide this matter already?

OK, ok, I can see a little moment done by Peter Jackson to show that it takes a LOOOOONNNGGG time for ents to decide anything ala the Ents of Tolkien’s story. But here is where PJ further breaks rules of consistency: after Treebeard has his little speech to Merry & Pippin that they should just go home, Treebeard leaves the Ents and heads towards a point to where he can safely drop off the Hobbits. But then brilliant little Pippin figures out a great way to trick Treebeard, that is “take us as close to Isengard as possible, for they won’t be looking for us Hobbits there!” Upon arriving at Isengard then the Ents see their beloved trees which have been chopped down and the Ents go on their (awesome) attack, but they do it without a moments thought, VERY UNENTLIKE, even as far as PJ has portrayed them! Not to mention the fact that Peter Jackson has made Tolkien’s wise ancient Ents into total idiots! Some treeherders they are, they don’t even know when some of their favorite trees have been killed, it takes a Hobbit (and not a Wizard mind you) to trick them into seeing this. Come now, Gandalf and Treebeard are very old friends and Gandalf is one of the principal ” movers” or “shakers” in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. That was why Gandalf was “sent” there, to help marshall the forces of Good against the onslaught of evil. Gandalf in Peter Jackson’s movie is presented partially this way, see the story line where Gandalf retrieves Eomer and brings him back in the nick of time at Helms Deep. Peter Jackson forgets that Gandalf also had a huge part to play in the taking down of Isengard by communicating with Treebeard and the Ents. My problem again is consistency, for we know that Gandalf has already had direct contact with Treebeard (remember, that is where he took the Hobbits-to see Gandalf!) and yet Peter Jackson’s Gandalf doesn’t convey to the Ents what Saruman is doing to their trees!!!! Com’n that is exactly what Gandalf was doing there!!! I guess in Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth Gandalf was just chillin with the Ents….

Please a little consistency is all I ask.

This movie is filled with similar errors and consequently, I do not believe The Two Towers is Oscar-worthy material. To put this into perspective as to where I stand on Peter Jackson and his earlier work: I firmly believe that he was robbed by not winning Best Director and The Fellowship of the Ring was the Best Picture out last year, hands down.

The Two Towers, as presented by Peter Jackson, looks great, it has tons of style points, but it lacks substance.

I know that Peter Jackson and is his fellow scriptwriters tried to inject some of their own substance into this story, but they have journeyed too far from Tolkien. In doing so, Peter Jackson and Co. have created problems of consistency and charactor in their movie.

The Two Towers is all hype, at least in my opinion. Needless to say I am immensely disappointed in Peter Jackson’s version of The Two Towers. I waited a year breathlessly for this?


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