ROTK The Ultimate Review w/ FX shots list and ommited and or changed scenes list – With best visual scenes included as a list within

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As Frodo escapes from Shelob’s lair he fights off Gollum and pushes him into a dark pit. Then he starts to run away, very tired until he comes back to the path he was on before. The camera strays from him and looks above him as Shelob slowly creeps above him, Frodo is completely unaware of what is going to be. Shelob then rotates to the ground and sticks Frodo with her thorn-like stinger…

This is just a taste of Return of The King the movie, for all of you who are craving news from the movie like Gollum craves the ring.

The movie begins with the sequence of Smeagol and Deagol out on a boat, fishing, then, Deagols line catches on something and he is pulls out of the boat, underwater, until he sees the one ring in front of him, he swipes it and goes up to the surface and onto dry land. He looks at the ring in his hand and then Smeagol approaches him as the camera dizzingly accounts Smeagol then throttling Deagol and the last breath out of him, because Deagol wouldn’t give Smeagol the ring for his Birthday. The fight starts out childish and fun then escalates to full on murder as Smeagol easily kills Deagol with his bare hands. The entire movie almost, can be described in these terms, it starts out playful, then turns deadly serious. Sean Astin really shines in his role as Sam, and will probably earn him an oscar nod. He, Serkis, and Wood, really shine in the scene where Gollum convinces Frodo that Sam is betraying him and wants the ring for himself. There entire relationship feels very real and is very well acted. To Jackson’s credit, the special effects in this movie, which way out weigh the FX in either TT or FOTR, still make room for great characterization and beautiful performances. What really grabbed me, visually were these stunning scenes

1) The entire Shelob scene is spectacular looking, as Shelob is perhaps the best looking monster ever and definitley the scariest
2) The last ride of the Rohirrim, before the Mukamil come into play, looks even better than the “down the mountain” scene in Two Towers, with all it’s radiant glory
3)The scene in which Legolas jumps onto the Mukamil, kills all the of the people on it, then jumps onto the top of it, running, and then puts a well placed arrow in its brain, then followed by Legolas sliding down the trunk of the beast as it collapses to the earth
4)Beautiful up close shot of Gollum with Frodo that look so real, you just want to shoot the theatre screen, what with the grease and dirt and blood visibly caked on his skin.
5)Gollum’s death scene as he prances around on the edge of the cliff singing and then slipping and falling into the lava, the camera following him all the way down, until you can see his skin start to burn off and he sinks beneath the lava, his ring slipping off his finger and landing on a cold lava flow.
6)That’s right, the ring isn’t immediately destroyed, it lands on a blackened patch of semi-cooled lava, that waits about 15 seconds to let the ring through and melt as the elvish words start to glow.
7)The scene where Eowyn sticks it to the Nazgul King and her arm breaks on screen as he implodes and shrinks into nothing but his robe is left on the ground, beside the Fell Beast Eowyn beheaded, don’t worry Merry still stabs him through the back, and his arm breaks too.
8) The final scene of the film, with the background of the docks and the boat leaving for the Grey Havens, with Frodo, and a ridiculously old Bilbo, with awesome aging prosthetics.
9)Sauron’s eye is completely 3-dimensional and more mobile than before, as he uses him eye like a spot light in the land of Mordor.
9)When the tower of Sauron breaks apart in slow-motion and falls to the ground with Sauron’s eye dissolving into a mist.
10) Denethor’s grisly suicide, as he lights himself on fire like a huge ball of burning gas, as Gandalf beats him with his “walking stick” and then Denethor runs all the way off the edge of top of his city and plunges to his death, and you can see the whole thing.

There is of course a lot more than this in terms of visuals that are awesome, but moving onto the Ommited scenes and changed scenes that are in the book but not in the movie.
(that I can presently remember, having seen this movie only once as of now)
1)The scene in which Elrond delivers the sword to Aragorn, changed from Arwen
2)Of course the scouring of the shire is missing, never to be seen in this movie.
3)There is no death of Saruman or of Wormtongue, and no talk between him and Gandalf at Isengard
4)There is no encampment scene where Sam and Frodo wake up, they wake up in the house of the Elves at Rivendell? Although it is not said. Also, Frodo gets bruised on his neck by the rings weight
5)Obviously, the scene with Shelob is changed slightly, but Frodo still gets the point.(its a joke)
6)There is no mouth of Sauron scene, he is ommited completely from the movie.
7) I can’t think of anymore big ones, but there are small changes throughout. Someone said the scene where Merry gets the Palantir is changed but it is exactly like the book, where as Gandalf takes it from him and he steals is back in the middle of the night, while Gandalf sleeps with his eyes open.

That is all the info I am going to dish out for now. Go see the movie, you will love it.


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