ROTK Review – OR: Good Movie bad ending

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So it starts out with Smeagol killing Deagol, Smeagol finds the ring and calls himself Gollum, all’s happy.
Then the people set out for Orthanc to see Saruman. Just one question, where’s Saruman, is he dead, alive, eating, sleeping, what? I guess we expect he’s dead.
Then when they see Merry and Pippin, Merry’s asleep, Pippin drunk and high. Not in the movie.
King Theoden’s never seen a hobbit before. So he sees Merry & Pippin and is puzzled at who and what they are. In the movie, we expect him to know what and who they are.
When Pippin finds the Palantiri, how does it fall out of the tower into just the place they’re going to walk by? Did Saruman go crazy and throw it out? Did he eat Grima, put him in the water then threw the stone on top of him? No, Pippin just happens to find it.
So then the scene ends. What? Couldn’t Saruman just transport to Mordor? He still has his staff. He could use that. Gandalf actually breaks his staff. But instead we are led to believe that he just lost it. Or that Treebeard when up into the tower and ate him.
Stay true to the books!
So they have their whole party and Pippin looks into the Palantiri and Gandalf takes him to Minas Tirith. Um, where’s the wall, the big wall that surrounds the Pellenor, it’s gone.
Also, the beacons are already lit when they’re riding. Denethor knows that he needs help but still hates everyone else. So they go up, talk to him, come down.
Where Bergil and Beregond go? I guess they’re not real.
Again: Stay true to the books!
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli then go to the paths of the dead. Aren’t Halbarad and his men supposed to come too? Guess not.
Book: When they come to Dunharrow, the path is underground but the stone is outside in the middle of a terrorrized village and the army cannot be seen, but their presence can still be felt.
Movie: Dead people can be seen and are green. The main part doesn’t even have a stone and the dead people are a lot more, well, not happy with the fact they have to fight to die.
Again: Stay true to the books!
We always see this whole love tie between Aragorn and Eowyn. What? Eowyn is suppossed to love Faramir. She hasn’t met him yet so, I guess that’s ok.
Book: There is no dawn that day and all is dark and always looking like night except if you look to the north or west. Faramir’s men go to take back Osgiliath and this fails . so they run from the witch king on his beast and are getting hit around and Gandalf saves tham. Then the orcs take over the eastern gate and wall. Then Denethor sends another ride of Faramir. Faramir gets shot with a red arrow and can’t fight. Denethor sends out another attack to pull back orcs on the pelennor, Plan succeeds and few men come back to the city of minas Tirith.
When Grond hits the gate it is being instructed by the Witch King ON A HORSE! Not a Beast, a horse. He then goes back and gets the beast.
Movie: Faramir is shot by a red arrow on the first attack to take back Osgiliath, not the second. Wall isn’t taken because there is no wall. Faramir never sends out the second or third horse line. When Grond hits the gate it isn’t being instructed by anyone.
Again: Stay true to the book!
Book: rohan talks to wild-men, who are trying to stop orcs from taking the forest and mountains. When they get to Minas Tirith, it is as dark as night. They ride and fight on the Pelennor, dawn starts to come and then the witch king comes, he kills Theoden, and breaks Eowyn and Merry’s arm.
Then the mumaks come form the south, not east, south, with the harads and easterlings are coming from the northeast.
Aragorn and dead people take Corsairs and sail and destroy all the orcs and bad guys at Minas tirith. Denethor burns himself on a pyre.
Movie: TTT: We suppose the wild-men hate people because of Saruman, but in the book the wild-men help Theoden. At minas Tirith, it’s alwats light. It’s like never dark, always light, not true. Theoden dies after the mumaks come, wrong. Denethor and everything else is the same though.
Again: Stay true to the books!
Then they go to the houses of healing, not in the movie.
The last debate is actually out on the Pellennor because Aragorn refuses to go into the city until he is crowned king.
People who go to Black gate in book: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, Beregond, Gandalf.
Lieutenant comes out , Gandalf yells at him he leads an army to kill them. Eagles come, ring is destroyed and pippin is thought to be dead.
People who go to black gate in movie: Aragorn, Legolas, gimli, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf
EE: Lieutenant comes out Gandalf yells at him leads army to kill them, Eagles come, ring is destroyed, Pippin is alive.

now I go into Frodo and sam’s journey:

Stayed really true to the books. Only 3 things:

1: Sam just walks through and doesn’t even notice the watchers when he goes to cirith Ungol
2: Army picks up Frodo and Sam: would have made the movie more suspenseful
3: Gollum topples off because of his amazement of the ring, not because Frodo pushes him


where’s the battle of By-Water, where’s wormtongue killing Saruman, where’s lotho getting killed by Saruman, why does Frodo leave, these questions may never be answered.

All in all, this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The effects were awesome, the color , the battles, mordor, Morgul, Cirith Ungol, minas Tirith, everything was cool. Im gonna watch this movie every day once i get it


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