ROTK review – I just wish the crack of doom hadn’t been so “Hollywood”.

by Jan 14, 2004Reviews

OK. So i’ve seen it four times. Probably at least twice more. Firstly, I’m a fan of the extended editions. They are the best. More character. More story.

I thought the theatrical version of ROTK was very good. My first impression was one of dissappointment and satisfaction. Basically, I’d been looking forward to the Sam and Frodo story the most. The big bummer for me is when Gollum does not stumble into the crack of doom. Frodo and Gollum fight it out and fall together. Frodo hangs on and Gollum falls. I can see where PJ is coming from, wanting a more climatical scene and reinforcing the hold the ring has on frodo at that point (I was even worried frodo would let go! what a drag THAT would have been). Anyway, all in all the movie was good. I just wish the crack of doom had not been so “Hollywood”. Gollum slipping would have been a good ending in my opinion; instead we get another impossible one hand on the cliff scene, how well.

The rest of the movie was pretty much what i expected. I thought it was all well done. Definitely looking forward to the crossroads and the wizard battle in the EE.

Anyone who was pissed there was no scouring of the shire should look at the fellowship EE. Sam never gets a box of dirt. Therefore the shire is fine. I think PJ made up for the scouring by having pretty much everything else (especially sam marrying and what not). All in all a great movie. And, like i did with the other films, i will probably accept (and in some cases) even enjoy the changes. Like i said: gotta see the EE. (Two Tower was waaaayyyy beter in the EE version: finally Faramir makes some sense)

PS. Anyone who hasn’t read the book: It is a 3 1/2 hour movie so expect to sit that long. After the minas tirith battle people assume the movie is going to end soon. Check your watches and be patient. The best part is on the slopes of mount doom anyway. Just don’t get up during the epilogue.RRRRR…. read the book and realize they actually left a whole lot out RRRR… read the book(s)!!!


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