ROTK review from Florida – Overwhelmed, awesome, superb digital effects.

by Dec 17, 2003Reviews

Overwhelmed, awesome, superb digital effects.
Are some of the one liners that I can say for the ROTk.

As I sat for the complete sitting there were smiles, cheers and applause for the 1st two parts with a steady buildup of anticipation through out the theater as the Two Towers reached its conclusion.

Wild cheers and applause errupted as ROTK started and I thought they never would settle down( Thankfully they did)

Immediately on seeing the opening scene with Smeagol and I was thinking what in the world has PJ gone and done. I mean why couldn’t he have opened with Isengard and left the scenes in with Saruman. Having that entrance held no meaning to me, perhaps that scene would have proved better injected somewhere in the 1st movie.

But none the less I let myself be reabsorbed. I was truly affected by the butt kicking Sam gave Gollum and thank Sean A. for a truly memorable performance. He nailed Samwise the feelings, love and caring that I have read and re-read.

The changes physical and mental in both Frodo and Sam were on the money. I could actually feel the anguish of both characters. Trully touching was the scene with Sam asking Frodo if he could remember differnt things of the Shire and the taste of Strawberries When Frodo only reply was dark in nature in seeing the eye. When sam dug down and again came to the rescue and carried Frodo, well enough said not a dry eye here.

The most memorable battle scene for me was when the Rohirrim was on the crest looking down on the battle field and Theodan galloped back touching all the swords/Pikes. I cried when they thundered down into the plains.

I thought the scene with Aragorn going upto the Black Gates was well – flat. I think that a bit more of a buildup and some of the fan-fare from the book should have been incorporated.
It was like a little kid sort of being pushed up to the girls door and he really didn’t want to go.

Uhmmmm, Merry and Pippin, next to Frodo and Sam absolutely some of the strongest writing for this release.
It was an absolute delight to see the range and depth of their friendship.

Digital Effects- Oh My GOSH, even thinking about it leaves me speechless at this point.

W/K and Eowyn, well done but I felt as though the trainers and PJ let her be a too girlish when the battle. In the book she was fierce here she was strong and determined.

All the men were hot looking as to be expected.

Oh yes Denethor, the only truly shining moment was the eating scene. All the other times PJ made him out as this slime bucket who was Gandalf’s punching bag.

So the movie was over and I only had to wait 7 more hours to see it again. which is exactly what I did just returning home.

I know like to think that the opening scene with Smeagol and Deagol was PJ’s way of showing us what truly happened to Smeagol and what was/could happen to Frodo. But I still stand that it wasn’t needed in this movie.

Overall I give the movie 10 fingers up and 10 toes up.

Pretty darn good

Now hurry up with the extended version


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