RotK Review – Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen

by Dec 18, 2003Reviews

Wow. Just wow. I’ve watched it twice (on the 15th and the 17th), and I’m completely blown away. Cried mostly on the second viewing. Best movie I’ve ever seen; 10/10.

My first impressions:

– RotK was delightfully hobbit-centric! Lots, lots of hobbits scenes! And not too much Arwen! How the poster ended up the way it did, I’ll never understand.

– Liked the Sméagol/Deagol opening scene. It was important,
IMO; a little reminder of the Ring’s cruel power. Cool that the end begins with a worm!

– I didn’t like that Frodo sends Sam home, but when it had to be done (…), I think it was done in a good way.

– The Palantir in the water… Well, of course you can understand where it comes from, but I missed Saruman for a second there, before the rest of the movie blew me off.

– Heartbreaking when Gandalf is about to ride for Minas Tirith with Pippin, and Merry steps back and says that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

– The lighting of the beacons was one of the greatest things in the entire movie. I just sat there and grinned from ear to ear.

– Just have to mention how great Pippin is through the entire movie. Great song in a very sad scene, perfect tension with Denethor, though the Steward is a bit too mean for my taste. He actually reminded me a bit about Gollum…

– The Dead is the most disappointing in the movie. They reminded me much about ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ (which I loved, but it didn’t fit in here), and they were way too effective when they won the battle – almost like a shortcut to winning the battle for PJ & Co.

– Almost cried from joy over the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and the Rohirrim and Théoden and… I’m a bit uncertain about what emotions I saw in Éowyn’s face before the charged.

– Éowyn/The Witch King/Merry was done in a very good way, and not too far from the book. If something was missing there, can’t figure out what it is.

– Shelob… What can I say about her? One big, nasty spider! I’m so glad she didn’t look like those stupid spiders in Harry Potter! Shelob’s lair was a really creepy scene, and Frodo even gets to say his Elvish line!

– Cirith Ungol and the long walk across Gorgoroth is well done, but a bit short.

– Didn’t like Gandalf hitting Denethor with his staff, and that Denethor ran over the edge and fell to his death after he had caught fire. It’s almost like they want to say that ‘we have stundt men and we know how to set fire to them!’

– The cutting between the Black Gate and Mount Doom set up the scenes really nice. Frodo and Sam are amazing when the crawl though the ash and dust. Extremely sad.

– The last battle is perfectly desperate.

– Mount Doom… Cruel, horrible, some of the best I’ve ever seen on film. The changes from the book didn’t bother me much, it was just so… unbelieveable. The Eagles and the moth (Aw! That little moth!) were great.

– When everyone bows to are four little hobbits… That was a grand moment.

– Horribly sad ending, beautiful and tear jerking. Really didn’t want to see ‘THE END’ on the screen.

– Oh, and the heads were in! Wohoo!

I can die happy now.


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