ROTK Review – As with the others, quite good.

by Jan 11, 2004Reviews

Just as with FOTR and TTT, The Return of the King was a very good attempt on the part of PJ to create a valid representation of Tolkien’s work without making it so long that non-LOTR fans became bored by it. As with the other two movies, some major deletions and alterations. One minor change that I did not like was Pippin’s scene with the palantir. While he truly was overcome by Sauron’s influence through the palantir, Aragorn’s reaction when he came into contact with it seemed to me to portray him as no match for Sauron’s power, whereas he actually overpowered Sauron in the book. I did think that the army of the dead was done rather well, though it did seem to evolve into a video game cheat as the movie progressed. Holy cow, Shelob and the oliphaunts were amazing, proving yet again that there is better CG out there than Jar Jar Binks. Another thing that was done particularly well (although not in line with the book) was Gollum’s wreaking havoc on Frodo’s and Sam’s relationship. I found myself wanting to beat the living daylights out of Gollum, then thinking, “Not in the books..evil…” and then realizing that it was done masterfully all the same. All in all, a very good movie, pretty good representation of Tolkien’s intent, and I’m planning on getting the DVD when it comes out.


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