ROTK-review – A bit dissapointing, but pretty good mostly

by Jan 31, 2004Reviews

First of all, I should sue Peter Jackson for removing what I was most eagerly waiting for – the battle of Pelargir with the corsairs. Instead of featuring the capture of the fleet with the help of the living dead , the cute green thingys are brought to the Pellenor to end in seconds the battle which till then had been great.

“The Return Of The King.” Nice name. but may I ask where the king was in the movie. Aragorn hardly appears on screen. I am sure this would not have been so had the pelargir battle and the view into the palantir had been included.

The other thing I hated was the “Sauron search light”. I know it is difficult to show where the eye is pointing but Peter could have thought of something better.

Two other thing I missed were the confrontation of Gandalf with the witchking at Gondor and the scene with the mouth of sauron. But I guess for all these we should blame the two towers for not wrappin up Shelob. But then probably Frodo would have been left with nothing in this movie.

Well, I guess it was good and none could have done it better than Peter Jackson. But I will still look forward to the missed scenes in the extended version.


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