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by Feb 8, 2004Reviews

Ok here goes my review. I waited to review until I saw
the movie 2 times. You know sometimes you miss things
the first time.

Well I just love the job Peter Jackson did in bringing
these books to life. A director has an awesome job to do
when he turns books into movies. I know there are things that were missed in the theatrical release that we look forward to seeing in the EE. It is hard to be pure and follow everything to the letter of the book.

I do love the Legolas and the mumak fight. I cried when Sam carried Frodo. I was so happy when the whole Fellowship reunited.

IT WAS TOUCHING TO ME at the going to the Grey Havens.
I also went with my cousin who never read the books. She only had 1 question and 1 unclear thing. She thought that Frodo died and she did not get that Farimir and Eyowen fell in love. To me that was enough to show me that Pete did a great job for those who never read the books.

So to sum up I loved the movie. I loved the movie. I loved the movie. I expect all the things that was missed to be in the EE. I have never been disappointed there.


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