Review – The Two Towers

by Dec 26, 2002Reviews

This is the Best movie of the year in my view. It has the best graphics that I have ever seen. Gollum was great, the spilt personallities were well pertraied.

The battle of Helms Deep was a great battle scene. I’ve yet to see a beter battle. I felt as if I were there myself. The anticipation before battle, the fear, dread, and the it’s there far too soon. How the men were unprepared to fight, and in how much they were out numbered and how they knew they would all be dead soon. This was all broadcasted into the audience. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, waiting for the battle to end. They did a great job of putting a bit of humor in the battle scene so that it wasn’t too deep, but still had people horrified at the children going to war and other things. They also made Legolas and Aragorn seem more real and not high and mighty with the whole Legolas saying how they were all going to die the fear. It made him seem not all high and mighty. And the contest between Legolas and Gimli was hilarious. I loved it.

And then they have the Ents. They were awesome. They looked so real that you see them as being real. The Battle of Isngaurd(sp, I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called) was even better. The using of breaking the dam had Great graphics.

All together I believe this movie is the best one made yet, unless the next one is even better. Though the very best part is seeing it with friends and making fun of it. You can really make up some funny things about FOTR and TTT. Like in FOTR when my freind held up her hand and said “How.” when Galadriel is saying goodbye to the Fellowship…


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