Review of the Return of the King – The film not the book

by Jan 5, 2004Reviews

I have seen the film twice now and must say I have enjoyed it both times. The second time was better than the first because now I knew where the end was. In fact that is my only complaint about the film, I counted five different places where an ending could have happened but I’m glad it finished where it did.

This film is over three hours in length but moves along at a fair old place. The battle scenes are awesome and the sets for Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul are really good.

The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book, I must have read it at least sixteen times and I was nervous about how it would be translated to screen. There are obvious differences between the books and the films – Tom Bombadil for one – but one the whole I think Peter Jackson (and his team) have done a wonderful job.

It is a very good film and worth watching. I wanted to say something intellectual and high-brow but what’s the point? This is a marvellous film, great fun, what more needs to be said?


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