review of rotk – i cant believe it is finally here!

by Dec 19, 2003Reviews

What an amazing film. the crowning glory of several years’ hard work. i still cant believe it is done. no more wondering what will be in it and not. no more waiting and waiting. it is like the day after chrirstmas!

the movie itself is spell binding and thrilling. it sews the other two together in a seamless harmony. everything gets closure(well, almost everything).

andy serkis does a great job of turning into gollum and it is quite scary. elijah wood and sean astin were great. how i kept from crying i will never know. and then at the end, the non book audience gasp in union when gandalf tells frodo it is time. whoa! so blown away! shelob will give you the willies! alot of orcs too. the paths of the dead left me shaking. Eoywn’s battle, Pippin’s song, Faramir’s broken heart, Rosie and Sam’s kiss!

go see it again and again and again. it will be a long time before another movie touches your soul like this one. it make syou hope that there is a little of the loyalty and purity of heart in yourself that you see ont he screen.

the books take several weeks of reading to come to a climax, the problem with movies is they hit you square in the face with a lot of emotion and details. it takes a while to digest it all.

yay for peter jackson! yay for hobbits! and yay for hte good professor Tolkien whose talent and vision have stirred my soul.


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