Review of Return of the king

by Dec 17, 2003Reviews

After a few hours of sleep from going to see the Return of the King at the 12:00 showing, my emotion are still running high. My heart is sadden to see the final movie come to an end. This coming from a person who did not want to see the FOTR when it first came out, finaly to watch it a year later. I have become one of the biggest fans possible. When I finished the book in Oct my heart was sad that it was over then to have it happen all over again when the movie endded.

The movie was excellent, PJ has well out done himself. I wish there were some more things from the book in this cut of the film but I hope to see them in the EE next year. Well worth going to see it at 12:00am and planning on seeing it a few more times while it is out!



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