Review of Return of the King – Where’s the King?

by Dec 26, 2003Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the “The Return of the King” and it was a fitting conclusion to the film triology. Frodo achieved his purpose with the help of friends (and one significant enemy) and everyone else provided a diversion to assist him to achieve that aim but I confess that I did leave the cinema a little empty. Some of the characters were left high and dry and unresolved. In the book Faramir, Eowyn and Merry are mortally wounded. When the skill of the healers is unable to help them Aragorn heals them and fulfills the prophetic claim that “the hands of the King are the hands of the healer”. The people then recognise him as their king.

Eowyn is left somewhat cruelly by Aragorn, so much so that she just wishes to die in battle. Was it just me who felt immensely sad that the completion of her story was not told. Faramir’s words to Eowyn are some of the most beautiful in the book and reveal the depth of his character also.

I understand that these scenes may be in the extended version but the theatrical version is what most people will see. Couldn’t just 10 mins have been taken out of the battle scenes to include just a glimpse of the above?


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