Review of a masterpiece – Return of the King

by Dec 18, 2003Reviews

Return of the King is a classic without parallel. It astounds and abounds in it’s richness of content. With breath taking battle scenes, incredible acting all around, and gorgeous scenery, this film is one that deserves all the awards the Oscars can make!

I attended a showing on Dec. 17, the first day of the film’s release. Everyone clapped and cheered when the movie began, whistled at Legolas when he single handedly took down the mumikil (a.k.a. oliphaunt), and gave a huge round of applause at the very end of the film. Sean Astin deserves to win Best Supporting Actor for his role as Samwise in ROTK. Three times, (three times people!) he brought tears to my eyes. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who doesn’t know how the story ends but Sam is totally one of my fave characters now. His loyalty is astonishing and his strength is as well. Merry and Pip were wonderful as well and played a more serious role than before.

As the credits rolled at the end of the film, I sat in the dark and let the song sink into my soul, tears running down my face. The end is so beautiful and despite the joy of experiencing the journey, I am sad that it is over. Do not miss this film! It is the best movie anyone can ever see.


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