Return of the king – the third movie

by Jan 25, 2004Reviews

After waiting over a month to see what was suspose to be the best of the three, I finally got to see ROTK. On January 23rd I took my oldest son, who is a Rings Fan too, to see the movie. It took me two days to think about whether I really liked it or not. There are a lot of unanswered questions that I hope will be cleared up when the extended version is released. All in all though I think all of the actors did a wonderful job portraying the characters. My hat goes off to young Elijah Wood for bringing to life my favorite hobbit. No one could have fit the bill like he did. It is one thing to read what happens compared to seeing it. To some it may of looked stupid, but one must remember, there were no showers on the road to Mordor. As well, when one gets stung by poison, one does not look like they are peacfully sleeping. Hooray for Sean Astin and his Sam. A promise made never to be broken. To stay with his master.. Did I like the Film? YES. I just can’t wait for the extended version. A big hand to all who devoted two years of their lives to make a masterpiece. To Peter Jackson…. Thank you.


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