Return of the King Review – Very good job

by Dec 19, 2003Reviews

I watched RoTK last night. I generally thought it was very well done. I’d give it an A. I THINK it is the best of the three, realizing that FoTR kept getting better each time I saw it. TT didn’t get better for me with multiple viewings. If RoTK follows TT fate, I’d have to give the overall nod to FoTR (I’ll know in a few months, I guess). SOme specific thoughts:

The Good:
— SAM, all the way around
— Shelob
— The ride of the Rohirrim
— Eowyn, Merry, and Theoden
— THE END (I mean all 20 minutes of it). Although the whole bit after Mt. Doom was just too rushed. I can’t believe all those reviews that think it dragged on with too many endings!
— Minas Tirith
— Grond
— The whole scene at the Cracks of Doom. Perfect!
— Tons of other stuff

The Bad:
— Why was Merry at the Black Gate? He should not have been recovered yet.
— The siege must have lasted 2+ days. But I swear I could still see troups coming out from Minas Morgal close to the end of the siege.
— OK, so Gorbag et al. say the clothes are all going to the tower with the Mithril shirt. And then Sam says “lets find you some clothes”. Then we see the hobbits in Orc gear. Then we see them in their shirts from before (INCLUDING FRODO). This took me right out of the movie, as I thought it was another deal like the “hands tied/untied/tied” bit from TTT. Later I realized they must have found the shirt and then got the Orc garb, but at least show us a few seconds of this.
— Generally I had trouble with the tight close-ups, often with a shaky camera. I couldn’t follow the Sam/Shelob confrontation at all (amongst other places). Don’t know why I just can’t focus with those shots.

The Ugly:
— The Orc in charge of the seige.


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