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Finally, after months of waiting, the day had come – I was going to see the last film in the greatest trilogy ever made.
My girlfriend, my best friend and myself sat down, leaned back and just waited for the commercials to disappear. And finally the whole cinema trembled in applause as New Line Cinema presented The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King!

The film started brilliantly with the tale of Smeagol, how he murdered to steal the Ring, and how he was corrupted and tortured into Gollum…

But I won’t retell the film here, just give you a few glimpses into the magic and make you even more impatience if you haven’t seen it yet!

From start to end, in every second of the film, you’ll be stunned, amazed, unable to remove your eyes from the magic Peter Jackson is revealing.

I really don’t know what to say – there are no words. No words can descrive the feelings I had after seeing Return of the King. I sat speechless for for a long while, just trying to take it all in. I instantly wanted to see it again – and I will! The acting of every character is incredible, the scenery beautiful, the script so geniously presented and the direction perfect.

Almost every scene made my heart jump and I cried through the last half hour. There are some scenes which will be remembered as the best scenes ever in any film (at least for a Tolkien fan!) I can mention a few, as when Frodo and Sam are crawling up Mount Doom, and Frodo can’t move no more, Sam says: “I can’t carry the Ring, but I can carry you!” And he does!

Another tear-dripping scene is when Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor and the hobbits are about to bow for him, when he says: “My dear friends, you bow for no one!” (I almost cry just thinking about it!)

I also want to mention the scenes when Gandalf tells Pippin about death and afterlife, when Faramir rides with his men into certain death in Osgiliath, when Sam tells Frodo about the Shire, when Legolas answers to Gimli that they will die as friends, when Aragorn meets Arwen again in Minas Tirith and of course the farewell scene at the Grey Havens.
I could go on forever, but I’d also like to mention some amazing scenes which includes the first shot of Minas Tirith, the whole scene with Shelob, the scene with Legolas’ unbelievable butt-kicking with the Mukamil (Oliphaunt), Gollum’s death scene, Denethor’s suicide, the breaking of Sauron and his tower, the scene where Eowyn and Pippin kills the Witch King, the appearance of the eagles and the summoning of the dead army.

Much is of course left out, but I won’t say more about the film, except from: go see it! Now!


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