Return of the King Review – My Critical Thoughts and Opinions on Return of the King

by Dec 29, 2003Reviews

Well, over all, the Return of the King was GREAT!
Before I start rambling on about some flaws I caught
let me tell you the ups.

Ups: Sam stole that movie! He was great! He was so
heroic and some of his lines mae me cry. “I can’t
carry it fo you, but I can carry you!” And I loved how
Peter Jackson put a small scene with Eldarion. Stragnely
I have a weird obsession with him and putting him in
the movie made my day. P.J did a great job portraying
the characters of Gandalf, Theoden, and Sam. They
were the most similar to their characters in the books.
Well that is about all the majors ups there are some
others but no need to get that far into detail. Time
for the downs.

Downs: I am a book fan and have been for nine years
so some of these things disappointed me. The one
thing that got on my nerves was there was no Grey
Company or prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth. They forgot
the Dunedain coming with Elladan and Elrohir. Not only
that but they didn’t have the banner that Arwen made
for Aragorn. P.J also left out the Mouth of Sauron.
And what was up with that silly eye and the spotlight?
There are so many downs let me just list them. They
had no Scouring of the Shire, The Crown of Gondor
was all wrong, Imrahil rescued Faramir who was wouded
by a Nazgul, Aragorn, claiming it his own, looked into
the Palantir and saw the Corsairs and their ships
that were going to attack Gondor from the south,
etc etc. The list could go on forever so I am just gonna
stop there.

Scenes that brought Tears:
Little Eldarion
Every single time Sam talked
When Frodo sailed to Valinor

Scenes that made me laugh:
em……….I didn’t see this movie very comically
but prolly when Legolas jumps off the Mumakil
and Gimli goes,”That still only counts as one!”

Scenes that Disgusted me:
When Gollum was eating the fish
When Denethor was feasting

Overall review:
Like I said! The movie was great! Yeah, it had alot
of downs to it in my opinion. But if you were as much
as a book freak as I am you would too. I definately
give the movie four stars! It fits the definition
perfectly: Excellent!


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