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Who liked the Return of the King!? I swear it is the best of them all! I loved the part where Legolas looks at Aragorn during the battle of the Pellenor Feilds and then up comes the Olliphant, it’s like 70 feet tall, and it’s stuck with hundreds of arrows and Legolas,since he’s an elf and as light as air, jumps up ont the arrows and is running along them and he grabs the rope that holds the platform of Southerons and he cuts it and they all go falling off and he’s just so bold and couragous and PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Gasp! )

But I really love it when he comes sliding down the trunk of the Olliphant with that look in his eye like “Ah, ha, look what I can do!”. O! Ipractically fainted and all the other girls at the Rave I’m sure felt the same, because there was a big intake of breath.

Oh and what about when Pippin starts singing and he’s just so sad. What did he mean by saying he didn’t have a voice or a song fit for the halls of a king?!!

I dressed up as an elf from the Galadhrim, and I’m an Irish Dancing lass and so I used my performance dress as a tunic
( Who else dressed up? ) and a pair of pointy ears.

I really want to know who else besides me balled at the end of the movie and all the way home and all night just because it was over and there weren’t going to be any more to look forward to!

They did change alot in the movie, though, like they left out Elrond’s sons and they made it out to be that Eowyn killed the Nazgul when in fact Merry did. Also they left out Arwen and Aragorn’s wedding. Still, it was an awsome film and
Dae said it was better than even StarWars.


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