Return of the King review

by Feb 15, 2004Reviews

I have gone to see ROTK 2 times already and i am planning to go see it again sometime in the near future. Elijah Wood says, “his movie is better than the first 2 combined.” It really is. The first time i saw the movie i cried. The second time it almost brought me to tears again. This movie isn’t really for kids younger than 10 years due to the many battle scenes, but as long as they are with an adult they should be fine. Peter Jackson did an excellent job on this movie. There are alot of behind the scenes on this movie and they are all very good. I encourage you and your family or friends to go see this movie it really sums up everything for you. My mom had to watch the first 2 a couple of times before she could understand them because she never read the books but she had no problem following this movie! I really really encourage you to see this movie! Go see it tomorrow or this weekend!


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