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by Jan 4, 2004Reviews

Lord of The Rings.

The whole trilogy, absolutely wonderful, it’s almost indescribable for me.

At this moment I’ve seen Return of the King two times, and I’m completely stunned. But I still believe that the books are more fabulous, I think that it is almost impossible to make ANY movie better than ANY book. Especially this one, my imagination flies away so easily when I read, and Tolkien describes everything so beautiful that its practically impossible to make real. But Jackson has tried, and it is not a bad try I’ll have to say. New Zealand and it’s surroundings makes the movie a masterpiece, and the actors are so perfect for their parts the should get an Oscar every one of them. When you are watching the movie you almost don’t understand how Tolkien can describe the moments and everything in words, it is so magnificent it brought me to tears. But the last time I read the book, it brought me to tears as well.

But I was a bit upset about that they had taken away so much from the movie, the entire revolution in the Shire isn’t there at all. And I thought that was truely a shame, because I’d look forward to it. but I’m almost positive that it will be on the DVD. I hope so anyway, I’m dying for it right now.

As a conclusion I would like to announce Tolkien’s books and Jackson’s movies to the greatest triologies ever. And if I had it my way, it will be so for a long time ahead as well.


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