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The Return of the King starts with Smeagol and Deagol when they find the ring while they are fishing. From that scene you realy get a grasp of how the ring totally took Gollum/Smeagol over. Then it goes over to Isengard where Gandalf,Aragorn, etc arive to find Merry and Pippin celebrating the defeat of Isengard. To my dismay they never did show Sarumon. Pippin finds the seeing stone , but Gandalf quickly sweeps it out of the hobbits hand. Later that night Pippin cant help but wonder what is so special about the seeing stone so he takes it from gandalf and looks into it. Pippin cant let go of the stone as the evil in it gets bound to him. As Gandalf pulls it from his grasp he finds out that the enemy has spoken to pippin themselves. Thankgoodness pippin didnt say anthingg about Frodo and the ring. Also the enemy thinks Pippin ha s the ring, so gandalf takes pippin to minas tirith. There they find out that Denethor ( Boromir and Faramir’s father ) has completly givin up and has become suicidel. Pippin feeling greif for the debt he owes to Denethor, because Boromir saved his life, offerd his assistance to denethor. Soon after their arival Faramir brings news that Osgilith has been taken . When he sees merry he pauses and gandalf notices this and says” These arent the first hobbits to cross your path is it?”
Pippin clues in and says ” youve meet Frodo and Sam?!”
Faramir tell them about meeting Frodo.

Meanwhile Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are traveling to Minas Tirith with the Rohirim to aid them in the battle that Gandalf forsaw. King Theoden tells Aragorn that they will get more men but Aragorn still denies it and goes to find the ghosts in the passage of the dead.Back in gondor is being taken under seige by the orcs when the rohirim arive. Its up to you to see the rest and the outcome of the movie!!


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