Return of the King – a review from sarajevo

by Jan 25, 2004Reviews

I truly love the Lord of the Rings, the book, and was very happy to see it filmed. The first two parts were lovely, I
even “forgave” the changes made in the films, even though it made me sad to realize that this is the first and probably the last LotR movie, and it doesn’t stick to the book. But it was done so nicely, you couldn’t mind. I went to the premiere of The Two Towers here in Sarajevo, and waited a whole yer to see the third part, it was really a year of anticipation and I’m sure many of you know what i mean 🙂 But when I actually saw it, it was very different from what I expected. Not only the story was changed more than in the first two part, but it was full of plain dramaturgic mistakes, scenes that were simply uneccesary, and the lines were sometimes inconsistent and overly dramatic. The movie had no actual peak, and the last scene, the one that lasts almost 4-5 minutes, completely dramatically ruins a possibility of a perfect end of a movie. don’t get me wrong, i loved the movie, there were more good things about it than bad, but it just made me wonder what happened and why it wasn’t as good as the first two. that’s all, really. Don’t get mad at me, i am a fan after all :-)))


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