Return of the King – A life changing event

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Return of the King – a life changing event:

What can I say about a movie that moved me beyond explanation? What can I say about a movie so beautiful and so “epic” (for lack of a better word)?

When the journey began 3 years ago, I knew that ROTK would be the one to change everything. I remember reading the book, and thinking that I had never read anything better. I knew that December 17, 2003 would be a day to remember. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

The large battles were visually stunning, the ring is ultimately destroyed, and the good guys win in the end. That is the short version of the story.

The long version goes as follows:

We care about Pippin and Merry and we love that in the end they, too, find their courage. I loved to watch the 2 little hobbits, right in front of the Black Gate, running behind Aragorn (and ahead of everyone else) and knowing that they were doing it for Frodo. They knew the dangers, and they did it anyway. These 2 little beings, who had never left their quiet Shire, we about to fight in the largest battle of all time. Wow!!

We care about Eowyn, and her fight to do something she considers valuable. She feels “caged”, and does not want to waste her life. How many of you cheered when she pulled off her helmet in front of the Witch King and said “I am no man.”? I know I did – and to think that people said that Tolkien did not have any strong women in LOTR. This was not something made up by PJ – it’s in the book. She is real and she is wonderful.

We care about Aragorn, and his struggle to “become who is born to be”. As he entered the Paths of the Dead, he mentioned that he did not fear death – that is what ultimately makes him King Elessar, the one who unites Middle Earth and also wins his heart’s desire.

And what can I say about Sam … my Sam? People claim that the hero of the books and the movies, is Frodo. I would beg to differ. How can you not think Sam is the ultimate hero? He stands by Frodo no matter what. Even the many times when Frodo is about to give in to the power of the ring, it is Sam who keeps pulling him back. Frodo has the strength to get the ring to Mount Doom, but I do not think “Frodo would have gotten far without Sam”. I think the entire character of Sam can be summed up when he said: “I may not be able to carry it, but I can carry you.” Could there possibly be a more moving or heartwrenching scene than a little hobbit carrying another up a huge mountain? No food, no sleep, no hope for the future … but there he is. Sam, the gardener … always there.

What more can I say? After watching this movie, I feel changed. I feel myself believing in loyalty, courage, strength against adversity, and the ultimate friendship. I believe in good winning against evil, if everyone unites. I believe in all those things – and I have Professor and PJ to thank for that. And they call it simple entertainment? I call it a life changing experience.


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