Return of that thing – Return of the King(s) or is it?

by Dec 29, 2003Reviews

After the release of Return of the King on film, i booked to see it 3 times! What a disapointment! I have to say that the first two films were cinematic magic, following the storylines of the first two books perfectly, truly capturing every audience that went to see it. However the third film simply didn’t have the enthrallment that seemed to come with the other two, whether this was due to its mismatch of storylines or lack of genuine emotion i do not know.
At the climax of the story almost all of the characters cried, and after crying many of them seemed to loose their nobility, and with this all the previous attachment i had with them. Although return of the king was not as good as the other two films, i will say that it was still a stunning film, with more truely special effects than ever, even if it did lack that magical element that was engraved in both the fellowship and the two towers. All in all this film did not equal the books in anyway, wheras the other films did. Nevertheless a thouroughly entertaining watch.


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