Return of Da King(ster) – Excellent, Lives Up to Hype

by Dec 29, 2003Reviews

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King completely lives up to the hype, though it is not without faults. Aragorn progresses into a more noble character, breaking away from his shady Fellowship roots. The tension between Smeagol, Frodo, and Sam is higher than ever and Frodo becomes even more scrawny and degraded in this conclusion of The Lord of the Rings. This degration is also evident in the character Smeagol, whom undergoes a transformation from Smeagol back to Gollum. The transformations of these characters are done well. Gandalf the White is just as majestic as before, and he completely beats on Denethor. Denethor wasn’t as ruthless as in the books, just crazed, but the movie failed explain why he was this way. For those who read the book, they might catch on the clues which suggest he looked into the Palantir, but for those that hadn’t just think he’s a crazy old man. The White City was rendered well, and one can feel the enormity of the epic battle of Pelennor Fields. Legolas’ insane horse tricks have made their return, just on the back of an Oliphaunt this time. The film was grander in scale, but the battles weren’t as epic as Helm’s Deep, mainly because they had already been done. The emotion of the movie was high in places, but still it was not as epic as the Two Towers or heartfelt as the Fellowship, when it had one too many endings.


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