Recovering from an astounding second act! – -Or a dedicated fans review of The Two Towers….

by Jan 12, 2003Reviews

Having the silly habit of burying myself in spoilers, bet it trailers, articles, speculations or images, I thought I had pretty much in advance ruined my experience of the second installment of Peter Jackson’s undertaking of The Lord of the Rings……….

… I could not be more surprised. The opening pretty much picks up a sledge hammer and WHaMs it into you head. Using breathtaking cinematography, pounding powerful musical score which literally plunges you into the depths of the earth with such a profound powerful choral climax that no part of my skin was left untouched by goosebumps!

… The acting is great. Frodo is changing rapidly downwards. Sam qualities are shining every so much brightly that in Fellowship. Gandalf…. is even more powerful! Aragorn begins to accept his destiny as Isildurs heir. Saruman is more entangled into Saurons schemes, and his evil grows alarmingly. Grima is as greasy, eloquent, coward, dark and gloomy as you’d imagine. Theoden is great: before and especially after the healing. He is troubled and weakened, but strong-willed and majesty-like. Haldir has pleasant return that was not in the books. His elf warrior qualities is only matched by Legolas. Speaking of which… The Mirkwood elf plays a bigger part this time. There is more character development for him (and everyone for that sake) and it give more depth to him. Gimli is great. His unintentional sarcastic remarks light up this dark and agonizing story. Pippin and Merry have toned down their comical side, and we get more of the perspective as we follow the into Fangorn and beyond. Eowyns part is not big, but well done as it leads up to her actions in The Return of the King. Eomer is good. He is very much like Aragorn only more aggressive. The part of Faramir was greatly altered. Some may dislike this, but the alteration provides a longer journey for the character. As it is quite unresolved we will se much more of him in part 3.

Gollum is Gollum, he not in a thousand ages is even close to Dobby in Harry Potter, nor any of the creatures in Star Wars. He is REAL! He is ALIVE! Down to very last wrinkle and drop of sweat… He is unbelievable… Andy Serkis must get an Oscars for that achievement. There is no question about it.

Treebeard is likewise very well done. He is fun to see and well voiced by John Rhys-Davies.

Otherwise the editing is seamless. The directing is great. PJ is not only providing huge enormous epic scenes, but this time also quite apt in getting a more close up focus of the many fates that the war of the ring bring about.

The music take even one or two steps up from the incredible Fellowship score. MUCH more use of choir. It is magical and perfectly supports the amazing images.

The movie begun right ON! And leaves you with a larger cliffhanger than last year…. December 2003 … I can’t wait… but I must… as you must as well… that the only bad thing about this the trilogy… or perhaps its not so bad….

The movie the Two Towers is an overdose of storytelling on massive scale both epic and emotional. GO AND SEE IT AND WITNESS HISTORY IN THE MAKING!


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