Obviously best film of the year – …with a few exceptions?

by Dec 23, 2002Reviews

The day came, December 18, 2002. I went to school as usual, daydreaming about TTT constantly in my classes. As I got home from school, my whole entire body wanted to be at the theatres, eating popcorn, and staring at the gorgeous blue eyes of Frodo. So, I decided to get there early, no use. There were at least 80 people in line already, so I just sit there with my friend, eating our survival food(twizzlers). The line proceeded to the screening room, and my goosebumps appeared all over my arms, waiting for the moment. After 30 minutes of previews, commercials, etc, the Wingnut banner appeared on the screen, following the Caradhras, and then the Gandalf attack, and finally Frodo waking up. Weird? yeah, but i stayed put. Okay so the the movie started getting in place, by that I mean, the characters were refreshing in my mind, the scene, etc, the three hunters tracking down merry and pippin, sam and frodo attacked by Gollum, very creepy looking face of King Theoden. So that went on for awhile, Wormtongue was very distinguishing with this makeup and costume, Eowyn was pretty impressive(acting wise), and of course, Gandalf, very refreshing with his “new” white look. The Arwen and Aragorn thing was un-necessary but it was pretty good. Arwen’s appearance changed a little from the Fellowship, she seems more wise and kinda sad because she knows she won’t see Aragorn again for a long time. The Helm’s Deep battle was awesome I must say. The special effects were great, the whole intense feeling to the battle was effective. Oh, and the structure of Helm’s Deep was pure genious. Merry and Pippin and the meeting of Treebeard was odd, considering Treebeard’s voice was hard to recognize so I didn’t really understand what he said. Um..let’s see, Gollum was not what I expected him to be, he looked abused, and terrible! I always thought he would look more like Dobby in HP. lol Anyway….Frodo looked so gorgeous, Sam was very nice looking, Gollum was pretty hysterical, calling Sam a “fat hobbit” lol, and his encounter with Smeagol. He is so schyphrenic(however u spell that). Overall, this film deserves probably a 9/10, it was well organized, and edited. Oh yes, the ent march to isengard was pretty impressive, i really liked that part, and also where Frodo is approached by the nazgul at the Osgiliath(i think, or was it Gondor?), that was awesome, Sam is such a hero. I can not wait till next year!


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