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by Jan 6, 2003Reviews

<B>What You Saw, What You Think You Saw, and What You Thought of It All</B>
by Paul Davidson

January 03, 2003 – A year ago, with the help you, our readers, I wrote an article uncovering many of the hidden and notable elements Peter Jackson had inserted into The Fellowship of the Ring. I’ve made the same request this year for readers’ Two Towers observations, and the response has been incredible.

Judging by the e-mail I’ve received, while most readers enjoyed the second film enormously, there’s a split between those who think it matched or surpassed the first, and those who felt that Fellowship was better.

The top highlights of The Two Towers, according to those who wrote in, included the film’s amazing portrayal of Gollum and the Ents. Unlike last time, however, there were far more complaints about major changes to plot and characters, with a few folks even hating the movie outright for that reason. Chief on the list of complaints were the absence of Huorns at Helm’s Deep and the shift in Faramir’s character.

And again, your keen eyes were able to catch many things that mine didn’t. I haven’t been able to include everyone’s comments here – there’s a lot of overlap amongst the e-mail I received – and I’m not bringing up all the technical errors people found. However, I read and appreciate every message that came in. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all these observations, but in some places, I’ve inserted my own comments in <FONT COLOR=”GREEN”>green text.</FONT>

Enjoy this summary; I hope it enhances your next viewing of The Two Towers in some small way.



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