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WOW. Ok, now that I have got over my whole ‘not being able to speak’ thingy I think I may be able to comment on it. Yes, it was a truly amazing film and yes it is VERY different from the fellowship, well, obviously, the book is. They did say that this film is the one that follows the corresponding book the least, as they left out bits that we fans love, as well as change a certain character rather drastically *cough* Faramir *cough* which I didn’t really appreciate them doing, though I can see why, I think that you shouldn’t’t change a character when they work perfectly well originally. But I did love certain bits that they did change, I enjoy seeing the elves appear at helm’s deep, but a certain bit from that was rather sad *sob*.

I don’t know if I like it any better than the fellowship as they are so very different, perhaps at heart I still am a girlie-girl & love the alluring beauty of Rivendell and Lothlorien as well as the homeliness of Hobbiton. Well, I like them both for different reasons, so I think that they are both as good as each other. Now don’t start moaning at me, yes I know that they didn’t have time to put in all the bits that we love and that they will most probably appear in the extended edition (that’ll be awesome!) but we must remember to have a balanced view of the films we enjoy & to not simply accept them. I don’t quite understand why they had the urge to change Faramir and for him to take Frodo and Sam to Osgiliath with him, that was a little bizarre. But I still love the film nonetheless and will have to see it again very soon. I quite liked the bits with Arwen, I almost cried, managed to control myself (ditto when Eowyn was told Aragorn had fallen) – *sob! * Frodo being taken over by the ring – pure genius the way Elijah pulled it off *no Frodo! Don’t! You can fight it! * Fondling it instead of sleeping, I could almost hear him call it his `preciousss’, and the bit with the Nazgul and nearly running Sam through – sob! I want my innocent, untainted Frodo back! Another bit of genius: Gollum/Smeagol argument while ‘nassty little hobbitsess’ sleeping – that was BRILLIANT! One thing I wasn’t so sure about were the Ents, they did look a little dodgy at times, but hey, gollum was perfect u can’t have everything – he was so cute at times (all us girlies did the aawww! thing). Also loved the bit of humour from Gimli, as well as the elvish speech from Legolas with Aragorn (about the fact that all the men were going to die). Here are a few things that I particularly loved: Helms Deep (it looked exactly how I’d imagined it & just SO amazing), Gollum/ how characters interacted with him – Sam was great `Stinky’ – ha! I love that! Oh and what Sam said when Faramir asked him who he was I thought (and by the sound so did everyone else) was funny and cute “no, I’m his gardener”. Gimli – great, I really enjoyed how much interaction was increased between him and Legolas and the audience. Gimli was really useful for lightening the tone and I’m now starting to soften when it comes to Legolas, he’s not just a light-footed, pretty elf (no, I’m NOT an Orli fan, I prefer Elijah actually) but also a character that has more significance and I can see that has importance. Enjoyed Merry and Pippin, though their story was cut rather short.

Again, another beautiful finish, which harkens back to happier times in the fellowship, Frodo and Sam talking and joking, you could almost forget the fight where Frodo had been so close to killing Sam for the love of the preciouss. It was sweet how he seemed to blush when Sam said whether they’d be remembered and Frodo said that Sam will be remembered as `Samwise the brave’. Love the unnerving ending, as the battle between Gollum and Smeagol ends with Gollum winning `let her do it’. So, yes, I did love it!

But what we should remember is that these films are not separate, they are not individual films vying for attention over one another, but the continuation of one quest. The parts make up the novel, and so the Fellowship, the Two Towers and what I am certainly eagerly awaiting: the Return of the King, make up one film, not, as is all too often stated, a trilogy. Once the Return of the King is out on video and DVD we can then truly appreciate what P.J, the cast and crew have done for us all; to have created what I believe will be the singular most amazing, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, beautiful film in the history of film-making, this, I believe can certainly be achieved with the complete collection of the extended editions.

Well, I am looking forward to ROTK – A whole year! Argh!

p.s: Beautiful horses, Lovely paces, can’t give a completely accurate view on them though as my mum didn’t see it!


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