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by Dec 20, 2002Reviews

What I have to say is pretty much what the majority of other reviewers have to say: TTT rocked, I loved it and the more I think about it (the reason I waited to post a review, I needed to think a bit before writing) the more I want to go see it again.

BUT, I have a few problems with this movie. I did not like what they did to Faramir’s character first and foremost. It’s what my sister and I talked about almost as soon as we left the theater. He went from the guy who said, “I do not love the bright sword for it’s sharpness, nor the arrow for it’s swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend…” and apologized to Frodo for having to blindfold him before taking him and Sam to the waterfall, to a character that was downright hostile and mean. I also could not agree with having Gandalf perform an exorcism on Theoden (What was up with that?). That made me flinch. And while the Ents were visually stunning and everything I had hoped for in that regard, I did not like that they didn’t decide at the Entmoot to storm Isengard. It didn’t seem to work that the “tree shepards” who are supposed to be so in tune with the forest would fail to notice a hunk of it had been destroyed. I knew as soon as the Elves marched into Helms Deep (which didn’t bother me, in the movie it seemed to work) the purists would be having fits. I’m not exactly a purist, I know that some changes are really necessary if the book is to be translated into film and supported most of those made to FOTR, but many TTT changes didn’t seem to make any sense. But my sister and I are going to withhold judgment until we see ROTK, maybe then the need for those changes will become apparent.

I did think that Gollum was done to perfection, especially his duel personality. Aragorn positively shone, the battle of Helms Deep took my breath away, and I just loved that they left in the contest between Legolas and Gimili. The scene at the end with the Ents tearing up Isengard was marvelous. It seemed to end far to soon, I wasn’t ready when the credits came.


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