My TTT Review… Purists Must Read!! – Let us look at the logic here, please

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Yesturday, one of my best friends and I were sitting in her living room in our pj’s drinking Pepsi and watching the documentaries on disc 3 in the FOTR DVD special edition. As we watched, I come to understand why Peter changes some of the events in the movies. He says, as he puts it, “should we have gone page by page, we would have nothing but a big mess.” They probably would have made three movies, twelve hours long each.

Let us look at the logic here, shall we? Do you honestly believe that Peter would have enough money in his budget to cover every single written detail in the books? No, I don’t believe any movie company would no matter how rich they are. Also, let’s look at the actors. What about them? They’re humans, too, and Sir Ian McKellan has stated that the work was extremely tedious and he probably wouldn’t have done the job if he had known how hard it would be. Look at it this way: You are spending 15 months on some island in the middle of nowhere far, far away from your family and friends. Wouldn’t you get a little homesick, too?

Also, to you ‘purists’ as you call yourselves, ask this question: What the heck does Tom Bombadil got to do with the Ring? How does Old Man Willow contribute to the plot of the story? Nothing. At the Council of Elrond, if they were to go by the book, they would have a scene that 30 to 40 minutes long. Now, I love the books and stuff, but if they were to go page by page like you purists would have liked them to, I would have fallen asleep in the theater, I would be so bored. Now, in the movie, they never say that Frodo and Sam and the other hobbits do not meet Tom. They just leave that part unmentioned.

We’ve got to think outside the box here, and realize the enormous task Peter had in making this movie. Those people were still rewriting the script down to the last shot! The main point of the story is, Frodo has to take the Ring to Mordor and destory it. Done. End of story. Peter did not have enough money in the budget to film all those little misadventures they have. Shelob is in the second book and not in the movie. The movie is three hours long already! My butt began to cramp really bad when the Ents were attacking the tower of Orthac. No, I love the way they leave us in suspense, wondering who ‘she’ is. Also Shelob would be like a link from the second movie to the third.

Now, nothing against you ‘purists’, you are entitled to your own opinions. But the fact remains that you have to look at the logic of all this. LOTR is an unfilmable movie. It cannot be done unless you make changes. Otherwise, as PJ puts it, you’re gonna have nothing but a big mess.


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