My TTT Review – I was entertained and moved

by Dec 29, 2002Reviews

Well, I’m reading a whole lot about people being troubled for the rendering of the TTT movie. Let me begin with saying I’m also a Middle Earth Nut! I’ve read and re-read the Lord of the Rings Novels shortly after my dad took me to see The Lord of the Rings animation adaptation by Bakshi in the mid seventies. I was instantly hooked. I read the books, I’ve studied the Atlases, the Lost Tales, etc. (I’ve actually fell more in love with the Silmarillion than any other work of Tolkien’s, cause the history and cultures are so rich).

I have to say this because I hardly ever put a post here. First of all when I go to see Peter Jacksons adaptions at the theatre, I’m already prepared mentally for his changes. I have accepted them because I knew he was trying to do the best he could without making each movie 6 hours long. Even with the three movies almost everyone who really understands TLOTR knows it would take so much more to cover a thousand page novel, and with so much history that you would have to read in the Silmarillion and the Hobbit, along with all the Books of Lost tales. Believe me I am very aware of all the variations of this particular adaptation, but i just let them go and watch the movie as if I have never read the books, I set myself to have fun and to be thrilled and awed, plain and simple.

We have been blessed with the opportunity in our life time to see some of the best movie making possibly in our lifetime. When I went to see TTT, I was so excited because it was fun!! It is still great to see those things that would otherwise would have only remained in my own mind.

I loved TTT, as I loved the Extended Edition of TLOTR. It was awsome. The intensity of Helms deep was there and you can feel the tension and the incredible battle that would befall the hapless defenders. Even as a non-Tolkien scholar you can still say, Holy %$#@!!, how are they going to pull this off?!?! Look at that size army?!?! It illustrates the courageousness of the defenders and against such daunting odds.

The Riders of Rohan fighting against the Warg and riders was absolutely incredible!! How did they do that?!?! I mean I know its all cgi but come on that is some of the best choreograghy I have ever seen in my life…It was just plain cool!!!

And that massive Rohan armie coming down that mountain side to kick Uruk-hi butt!!! I mean come on how can you not be amazed by the magnitude of the event?!?!

Gandalf fighting the balrog left me out of breath, again way too cool.

Gollum, was funny and sad, he almost looked human, again I know its all cgi, but his performance was great.

The Black gate, what can I say, we got another sneak peak at Mordor. Man that huge black steel gate being opened by those Trolls, whew!!!

The Ents were cool, I kept my eye on their movements, they were like life like.

The Nazgul and beast were cool. I got to see Osgiliath!!! I got to see Ithilien!! I got to see Oliphants, I was just as excited as Samwise!!!

Theoden was great, Eowyn great. I mean what could you ask more for?!?! I had a great time and my heart was a thumping!!! I was truly entertained, and I left the theatre with the right sense of awe that I think is crucial regardless of adaptation.

Many people don’t know hardly anything about Middle Earth, these movies are not the replacement of the books, it is only a glimpse of the spirit and the magnitude of the land , the people and the conflicts. I think Both films has conveyed that. People are getting hooked into Middle Earth, and checking out the literature.

All I can say is if you set too high expectations on yourself for these movies, and if you can’t go into the theatre every once and a while and just let the magic entertain you like a kid again, then I say brother or sister, you need to chill out, you need to lighten up and don’t be so negative about everything. Life is gonna pass you by and your gonna miss some great chances to be young again. You’ll always have the books, so you can always go back to them and re-read and re-read them. But for now go out and have some fun and just let the movies do what they do best!!!

Can’t wait to see it again, and again!! I’m sure an Extended Edition will be available next year so we will be able to have probably another 30 mins of cut material, I’m there again brother, then its onto ROTK…., Then one day I will have all three exdended editions and I will watch them all in one sitting in my 57″ widescreen High Definition TV!!!(Don’t have it yet but I’m planning), My wife will kill me but, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do!!! I’m always a child at heart!
I hope I may have helped some get over their hoplessness, and lighten up. LOL, thanks for reading my endless babble!!!

George Reyes


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