My TTT review – A non-purist speaks out

by Jan 3, 2003Reviews

First off, I loved FOTR AND TTT, and I think that when ROTK comes out, it will be the best combined movie in history. Notice I said movie and not book. Those of you who call yourselves purists and who stick purely to the book need to stop complaining about changes and realize that movies are a different format. If you don’t like Peter Jackson’s job, then make the movies yourself. Besides, you still have the books to fall back on, Jackson has just provided his vision of the overall concepts. Trying to make an exact replica would be an impossible task that would leave you with over 20 hours of movie footage. Instead of whining, try looking at the good things……I have heard so much about changes to Faramir…give it up, focus on the finer aspects.

The bottom line is that there is no use in complaining about the trilogy, it is already filmed and will not be changed. Personally, I think that PJ is doing a tremendous job and I await ROTK with the same fervor that I awaited TTT with. I have seen TTT 4 times and am looking forward to another viewing. In my opinion, Peter Jackson’s LOTR is a masterpiece film, JRR Tolkien’s LOTR is a masterpiece book.

Leave it at that.


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